She doesn’t even go here!

Day 3 in Breckenridge- finally realized “Breckinridge” is not how you spell “Breckenridge.” Finally adjusting to the Florida winter cold and the lack of oxygen which has me heaving walking up a flight of stairs (I should have worked out more before I left…). Despite its shortcomings, Breckenridge is unforgivingly beautiful. Snow capped mountains like you have never seen reach high above the town and are visible from almost anywhere. They really do take my breath away- and not just because the air is thin as shit up here.

My internship is with the very prestigious orchestra festival (that I wasn’t accepted to on violin- IT’S FINE), National Repertory Orchestra. I am the marketing gal for the summer. I write press releases and articles and radio spots. This may segue into why I have this blog in the first place…

I do not expect anyone to care about me or my internship or my dog or my boyfriend or my thoughts. But writing is therapeutic and I have a lot to say and I don’t actually expect anyone to listen in real life. Therefore, I shall put things here.

What you can expect from this blog:

Thoughts on love and relationships (not sappy shit, I promise)

Advice I receive elsewhere and will share here

My favorite things (fantastic lotions, food, etc.)

A few rambling posts about my internship in Breckinridge

Self reflection and self improvement (psycho mumbo jumbo)

Here’s a pretty picture of BreckEnridge ❤



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