Nightly nugget

It seems that the greatest bits of wisdom come to me at night. Tonight’s “nugget” is inspired by an obstacle I’ve faced (and overcome) the past few days. Enjoy!

♣ Creativity is squashed by the need to please other people.

I have struggled with my first writing assignment for my internship: press releases. Persuasive writing is so. fucking. difficult. In 500 words convince the mass public to ACT, ATTEND, ENGAGE. Write something INSPIRING, EMPOWERING, TANTALIZING. I was overwhelmed. I was scared. I was discouraged.

I read an article the other day about creativity and how it is educated out of us in school. I’ve posted the article below.

Read here!

Inspired by this article, I threw out the idea of writing what I assumed my boss wanted and created my own narrative voice. You see, I took one step out of the very painful process: decoding and predicting another person’s wants/desires. WHO FUCKING CARES? And guess what, it was successful. I’ve posted the finished product below.

Press release!

We learn through creating. One thing may be right for someone and wrong for someone else. But one thing is for sure- working in a box is fatal. Let go of the fear of failure (and I don’t say that in a cheesy quote on a picture of a sunset way). I mean free yourself from those fucking chains and just. do. you. It is not fourth grade anymore and you are not receiving a grade based on your ability to use 10 vocabulary words in a story (which by the way, makes no fucking sense because what if the vocab words are unrelated and cannot form a coherent plot line?!)


This is the real world and the real world needs creative minds and innovators. Be brave. Be experimental. Go crazy. Do the “wrong” thing once in a while because it may get you farther than pandering to the imaginary “boss” we so often bow down to.

Cheers and goodnight!


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