Things I would like to say, but can’t.

“You’re just jealous.”

This makes me sound like a pretentious bitch. But sometimes it is true. When you’re doing you in life and kicking ass, people get jealous. Hell, I’ve been jealous. Many times. So when it’s your turn to be the “envied” one, live it up and don’t back down. Own it.

“You are weak.”

Some people are weak individuals and you can’t bully them into being stronger. It doesn’t work like that. When people are making bad decisions, they are in denial. They need kindness and understanding. I should work on that…

“Stop getting in my way because you’re holding me back.”

Some projects are meant to be done alone. I am especially fond of solo projects. Blame being an only child or an extreme perfectionist, but typically people helping me is more like people getting in my way. I should really learn to play well with others.

***This is a PMS inspired post. Normal blog posts should resume in 3-5 business days.


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