Wine inspired list of likes

Here’s a fun exercise and something, in my opinion, we should strive to think about everyday. Here is my list of “likes.”

*A good glass of red wine

*The feeling of a cat laying on your stomach

*Hot water on your skin when you’re really cold

*A kiss that melts into something more

*The first inhale of marijuana

*A beautifully written card

*The perfect word that enhances a sentence

*The final moment before leaving the house to do something exciting

*A tight hug when you need one the most

*The smell of firewood on a cold night

*Hand lotion that doesn’t stay sticky

*A foot or hand massage

*A beautiful color combination

*A good stretch

*A flavorful bite

*An animal when they first wake up (as if they weren’t sure they were going to see you again when you went to sleep)

* A dimly lit room




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