Life of an unsung hero

I think at this point my boyfriend would make some joke about an “unhung hero” but anyway, moving on:

The older I get the more I’m impressed with genuinely good, nice people.

Apparently I have passed the age where I am young and adorable and people must be nice to me because I am just that: young and adorable. More notably, naive and innocent.

Working as an intern for a prestigious orchestra festival has solidified my role as UNSUNG HERO.

To be clear, Musicians=Heroes, Interns=Unsung Heroes.

Arts administration is interesting in that without it the heroes would cease to exist. (Most) musicians lack the skills to create their own career, hence the need for arts administrators.

I will not lie, I miss the glory.

However I’m still a musician. I would like to create a culture where musicians can achieve success without the necessary evil that is- you must be a head case and practice 8+ hours a day.

As I grow I am also learning the value of *balance*

Here is a profile of the person I would like to become: Violin teacher (hero to young aspiring violinists), arts administrator, wife, mother, gardener, builder of things, thinker, advice giver, chef, yogi.

There is more to me than just violin, but that doesn’t mean it is less a part of me. Instead it enhances me. It enriches my life. It has taught me so much. It will continue to teach me even more.

~cheers & goodnight



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